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Stern Dienstleistung GmbH Company offers comprehensive and professional services to you specifically tailored for your needs.

You may rely on our self-proven services, may be sure that we will provide best solution for you!

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Thanks to our deep-rooted experience, we can offer comprehensive and good quality services to our customers. You may take information on our services beforehand from our website. Of course you can contus at any time for your inquiries.

Hotel Services

Creative Hotel Service

We ensure that your hotel leave a wonderful influence on your guests.

Imagine: Your guest is entering into a first class, well maintained room. Beds folded, made with care regularly, sweet scented bathrooms with shining mirrors… All these will ensure your guest to feel good.

Fulfillment of such expectations every day is ordinary for us.


Cooperation with well known customers of our management staff thanks to 25 years of experience.

Real Estate & Land Services

A good partner should be able to address several issues at the same time.

Our services:
•  Real estate planning and projecting

•  New buildings
•  House technique
•  Indoor arrangements
•  Painting and installation works
•  Demolition works

Comprehensive and Individual

Stern Dienstleistung GmbH company offers comprehensive and professional services to you specifically tailored for your needs. You may rely on our self-proven services, may be sure that we will provide best solution for you.

Cleaning Services

  • Infrastructure cleaning
  • Window and frame cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Cleaning after construction
  • Hospital cleaning
  • Cleaning after big organizations
  • Underground park cleaning
  • Special cleaning and house cleaning
  • Construction cleaning and cleaning after construction

Building Cleaning

First impression is important!

Our employees are exactly trained for this purpose. Their purpose is to keep both inside and outside of your building which serves as your face.

Member No.

Payroll Operations & Accounting

Personnel calculations and financial accounting

We are providing support to you to fulfill all of payroll calculations and social insurance services.

We are offering comprehensive services in many fields such as installation of payroll calculation system, continuous recording of salary data, submission of payroll calculations and all associated legal declaration requirements (premium documents for sick-leave payments, income statements to tax offices, etc).

Quality Policy

Quality our products and services is our first priority. In this way we assure satisfaction of our customers. Our quality understanding and resulting customer satisfaction and needs of our customers are always at the center of our services. We, in this manner, contribute our customer to focus on their main field of business.

Import & Export

Another important element of our corporate operations is worldwide export and import.

Import & Export of your below goods:

  • Vehicle export and import
  • Animal import and export
  • Import, export and trade of construction materials
  • Furniture import, export and trade
  • Import, export and trade of electronic products
  • Import and export of fruits and vegetables

Our competency is your advantage

Thanks to years of experience and specialist knowledge, excellence results are delivered to our business partners. We are always the right choice thanks to our reliable service. Our target is to work in cooperation with your with a customer focused, fair and long term relationship.

Services provided via expert hands

Stern Dienstleistung GmbH Company is a worldwide leader in site services and offers comprehensively branch information and experience both domestically and internationally.

Security Services

Security makes us to feel good! The importance of these feeling increases for guests who were in a location they are not familiar.

We are offering security to you thanks to well trained and trustworthy staff.

Nowadays security is of crucial importance for service efficiency, success and living quality both in private and commercial fields.



Correct security concept ensures continuity of your main operations smoothly.

Only the individuals, who feel themselves secure, can focus on importance of their business.






Do you want to take the advantage of our services? We will be happy to provide consultancy and special offers to you.


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